Scam Portrait

Scam Portrait

In Forum
- No Forum.

- Nobody can post in forum (Members and Visitors).

- The forum link is not in Index or Homepage.

- The forum got reset without any reason.

- To post in the forum you need to login to your account.

- When you try to post in the forum you got message that your post must be reviewed by admin before be published.

- Lot of spam in the forum (Forum abandoned).

- Lot of complaints in the forum.

In Script
- Has free or Cheap script.

- The script has many error or viruses.

In Design
- Has copycat website design.

- Has unprofessional design (Has many errors in template or can be called mistake in coding).

In Domain & Hosting
- Using Cheap domain or can be free domain (.tk, .gq, .ml, .ga, .cf, and other free domain).

- Use Free hosting or Cheap hosting (Hosting size does not suitable with traffic).

In Payment
- Offering unreasonable earnings ($1 per click, $10 per click, 50% return in one day, and much more).

- No latest paid payments in payment proof page.

- Selective payments (Only pay part of members).

- Need to make investment in order to got paid.

- When we register on PTC/GPT site, in TOS write “Instant payment”, but when we request the payment, but those payments are not instant.

- In payment history, payments appear as sent, but not received in fact.

In Rules
- There are no TOS page.

- Unreasonable Rules (Member can create more than one account, and other).
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